I am Offering Custom Portlet Development over the Internet

Are you looking for someone, that creates a custom portlet or a JSf application for you ?
Do you just want to "get the job done" as quickly as possible ?
Do you want to save as much money as possible without taking too much risk ?

Then contact me ! I am offering you to develop your portlet / your JSF application / your Java program over the internet, starting at just 99€ for a Liferay Portlet.
To do so I am using the following (simplified) process:

First step : Send me the specs

I will look over them, think about the time needed to implement it and send a first proposal back to you.

Second Step : Iterative development

I will make a plan for several iterations of development for your custom portlet. After every iteration I will send the work done to you. So you are well informed and you don´t run the risk of paying for something the clearly goes the wrong way

Third Step: Completion

After I sent you the last iteration you will receive everything yuo need to have to let your developers extend the portlet in the future - yuo will get all sources, eclipse projects and documentation.

Are your interested ? Then either leave me a comment or send me a mail to daniel.breitner32@googlemail.com