ICEFaces and scrollable tables ... especially in Liferay

Problem : If you add the attribute  scrollable="true" to an ICEFaces dataTable, ICEFaces can´t align the header width and the width of the columns.That´s because ICEFaces renders the header and the columns as individual tables and somehow mixes up the widths.

Solution 1:

The first thing you could do is to use fixed wisth: Give the table and the columns the concrete width (in pixels) -the table should have the width of all columns added together. Sadly it is not possible to use procentual values (see tag description).

Solution 2 (Non - Internet Explorer): This works when your table is always rendered at the same size. But what do you do in Portlets, especially in Liferay ? Portlets tend to change their sizes ... fixed widths don´t work here very well.
Style the table to use 100 % of the surrounding container. Then make the table columns veeeery long - longer than the biggest screen size you could expect.  The combination of 100 % and the big pixel values leads in firefox and chrome to the table taking 100 % of the container, but not more. And the table headers are scaled correctly. I am still looking for a way to determine a portlets width ...

<ice:dataTable id="selectedDocuments"
style="width:100%;border-width:0px" columnWidths="900px, 900px;"
value="#{bean.werte}" var="wert"  scrollable="true" resizable="false">

<ice:column style="width: 900px;">
<f:facet name="header">
<ice:outputText value="Title" />
<ice:outputText value="text" />
<ice:column style="width: 900px;">
<f:facet name="header">
<ice:outputText value="Titel" />
<ice:outputText value="text2" />


Of course this is not working for IE6 & IE8 ...

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