How to move file in Liferay document library

Problem: There is no "out of the box" solution to move files in the Liferay 5.2 document library / liferay image gallery. The method got implemented with Liferay 6 so Liferay 5 users have to find another way.

Your first try might be to reset the "parentFolderId" property of the DlFileEntry you want to move and to update the file. Don´t do that ! Liferay maps the folders you store the files in the document library directly to your harddrive (if you are storing them there) and won´t find the files anymore if you manipulate the entries.

The solution is: Read the DlFileEntry and store it as a new file. Afterwards yuo can delete the old file:

// 1: Get the old content

InputStream fileAsStream = DLFileEntryLocalServiceUtil
       entry.getUserId(), entry.getFolderId(),
       entry.getName(), entry.getVersion());

//2: Add the new file with the old content

DLFileEntry addFileEntry = 
DLFileEntryLocalServiceUtil.addFileEntry(userid, folder1,
        entry.getName(), entry.getTitle(), entry.getDescription(),   
        null,fileAsStream, entry.getSize(), new ServiceContext());

//3: Delete the old file

But beware:

This means that you create a NEW file. A real "move " is not possible. So be sure to pass on the new fileEntryId.

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