Liferay Configuration & Preferences ... together with ICEFaces

This is something where I am interested in your opinions - how do you handle Liferay Configuration & Preferences together with ICEFaces ? I´ve written down my approach below but if you have any suggestions - feel free to leave a comment.

Liferay Configuration Page

The Liferay Configuration Page itself is not configurable - you have to configure a configuration class which redirects to a jsp holding the view that lets you perform configuration issues.

First add the following to your liferay-portlet.xml file:


This class extends BaseConfigurationAction and in its "render" method returns the path to your configuration jsp: "/pages/config/configuration.jsp".

Yes - you read it right. It needs to be a JSP.

Liferay Preferences Page

The Liferay Preferences Page is nothing else but the good old edit view from standard portlet development days. You can set it in your portlet.xml by adding this:


And here you have the full power of ICEFaces - no JSPs needed here. So if you take a look at these two approaches, do you think there will be a way telling liferay to load the configuration page as a facelets file ?  Leave me a comment :)

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.