Little error in ICEFaces TLD description for inputFile (fileNamePattern)

Regarding the fileNamePattern of the ICEFaces inputFile component which is described in the official Tag description here: http://www.icefaces.org/docs/v1_8_2/tld/ice/inputFile.html:

This is the correct call to identify files with an incorrect file type in the backend:

if (inputFile.getFileInfo().getStatus() == InputFile.INVALID_NAME_PATTERN) {...

I don´t know why they still show a deprecated method call and an incorrect   constant ...


If you are looking for a case insensitive fileNamePattern working with the ICEFaces inputFile component, take this one:

<ice:inputFile fileNamePattern=".+\.((?i)png|(?i)jpg|(?i)jpeg|(?i)gif) "actionListener="#{...}"/>

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