Adding messages in Liferay(liferay-ui:success, liferay:ui:error)

Liferay offers several ways to present Messages to users. So we don´t always need to use ICEFaces and ice:message.

Showing Info Messages

Go into your Portlet Class and add the following:

SessionMessages.add(actionRequest, "your-key");

This just adds a marker into the session, that the message that is connected to that key should be displayed. To connect a key to a message, add the following to your JSP:

<liferay-ui:success key="your-key" message="your-message" />

This will create something like the following:

Showing Error Messages

Errors work in two ways: Either you add an error by using the same approach with the messages:

SessionErrors.add(actionRequest, "your-key");

<liferay-ui:error key="your-key" message="your-message" />

Or you use Exceptions (e here is an instance of some Exception class):

SessionErrors.add(actionRequest, e.getClass().getName(), e);

<liferay-ui:error exception="<%=SomeException.class%>"
message="your-message" />

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