Configuring AWStats

Not really a Liferay relevant post, but whenever you´re configuring a server like Tomcat or Apache you might come across AWStats analyzing your logfiles... I am currently trying to get AWStats to do what I want and one part of this is to provide AWStats a list of IP (ranges) that it shouldn´t index.

The property was found very quickly, it´s called "SkipHosts". But what do you do if someone gives you a CIDR notated IP Range ? I found two very helpful pages for that :

1) Get all the IP addresses from a CIDR notated IP Range

This page helps you to convert your CIDR notated IP Range to a range of IP Adresses:


2) Convert the IP Range into a regular expression

Google helps you to get a regular expression for your IP range:


That´s all - works like a charm, works with Liferay.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.