About the E-Mail Listener in Liferay ...

Some weeks ago, I wrote about creating an own email listener:


If you do this, you need a way to register your email listener. One way could be in a hook or in a portlet that, when being initialized, registers the email listener. But beware: Your listeners are not unregistered, when you redeploy your portlet / hook ! After a redeployment you suddenly have 2 (or more) listeners doing your work. The solution must be to call unregister before registering a new one.

This might be a solution:

EmailListener listener = new EmailListener();
MessageBus messageBus = MessageBusUtil.getMessageBus();
MessageBusUtil.unregisterMessageListener(DestinationNames.MAIL, listener);
MessageBusUtil.registerMessageListener(DestinationNames.MAIL, listener);

This only works if the equals() method of your listener is properly configured and (for example) checks for the className.

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