Liferay: Portlets accessing Services of other portlets

Just a quick tip:

When you develop portlets you will put most of the generated services in your portlets. So you run the Service Builder, develop your business code and deploy it. Everything´s fine.

But what do you do if another portlet wants to access your service ? Say for  example that portlet A allows you to enter data of users and portlet B displays all users. The service is located in Portlet A and you shouldn´t create a new one in Portlet B.

The solution is simple: Generate your service, and put the resulting xx-portlet-service.jar into your application servers lib dir. 

In Tomcat its (for example): \lib.

Be sure to remove the service jar from Portlet Bs WEB-INF/lib directory !!!
Now restart your server and Portlet B should be able to access all service classes from Portlet A, including the XXLocalServiceUtil.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.