What is the Liferay Plugins - SDK ?

Just had another question @ linkedin.

What exactly is the plugins-sdk ?

So, when you start with Liferay, you will first download the portal itself. Download it at Liferay Download, unzip it and start it up. You are now able to configure your portal, deploy external portlets and just start using it.

But, what if you want to extend the portal, change the portal or develop own portlets?
This is where the plugins sdk comes into place. The plugins SDK is the preferred way to change or extend functions of the portal. NEVER change the portal sources directly !

The plugins SDK allows you to 

Create Portlets (complete portlets with a view, a service etc etc)
Create Hooks (allows you (for example) to override jsps from the portal)
Create Ext-lets(change the portals classes).

So the plugins SDK, to answer the question, is a developer kit that allows you to develop and change your liferay portal. If you want to know more, take a look here: http://www.liferay.com/de/community/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Plugins+SDK

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