Inter Portlet Communication in Liferay - Part 2

One thing that is really nice to do, for example if you use ICEfaces portlets is to use the Liferay Client - Side IPC Feature. It´s pure JavaScript and very easy to use. It uses the following two methods (Liferay 5.1 and above):

  • Liferay.trigger(eventName, data)
  • Liferay.bind(eventName, function, scope)

By using bind, you can bind a javascript function to an event. The function will be called if the event gets fired


 function(event, data){
   var message = data.message;
   //... do important stuff

You can trigger the event by using the 'trigger' function:

Liferay.trigger('your-event', {message: 'Hello IPC - World'});

This allows you to let any portlet that is capable of JavaScript communicate with each other.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.