How to read GET parameters with JSF in Liferay

I think you all know the problem: You want to pass some parameters from portlet 1 to portlet 2 but unformtunately you can´t use Inter-Portlet Communication because the other portlet is on another portlet page. Simple using http://localhost:8080/web/guest/home?parameter=helloWorld doesn`t really help. Well, here is the solution to your problem:

First, you need to find out your portlets ID. This you need to extend your link. A portlet ID in liferay looks pretty much like this:


You can find out your portlets id by maximizing it and taking a look at the address field of your browser. There you will find the ID. You now need to add the ID as the first parameter to your URL:


This makes sure, that your JSF - Portlet has access to the parameters. Now you need to retrieve them from the request by using this code snippet:

RenderRequest renderRequest = (RenderRequest) (FacesContext .getCurrentInstance()
.getExternalContext().getRequestMap() .get("javax.portlet.request")); 
String parameter = renderRequest.getParameter("parameter");

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.