JSR 303: Validation in JSF 2.0 - Part 1

This post is about the JSR 303 validation that JSF 2.0 applications may use. We will create a first "Hello World" example and won´t go that much into detail. First, download the reference implementation of JSR 303:


1) Create a new JSF 2.0 Dynamic Web Project 

As you can see, I created a ManageBean called "MyBean". Then I added all hibernate jars from the downloaded jar file to the WEB-INF\lib dir. This is just to keep the functionality in the web application. If you want, you can add them to your servers lib dir. Then I created a blank "index.xhtml" which we will use to reference the bean.

2) Create the Bean Class

Here is the snippet of the ManagedBean I created for this example. Annotate the bean with "@ManagedBean", then create a simple String that will hold our input.
Annotate it with the hibernate annotation"@NotEmpty". This will prevent the user from submitting a form where entries are missing.

3) Create the view

Create a simple JSF 2.0 application: Add an input field and a commandButton: That´s it ! 

You can test the validation by entering nothing into the input field and clicking the submit button.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.