How to change Portlet Preferences programmatically

If you are doing big liferay projects for huge firms you will know the problem, that you have to configure a lot of portlets. A once you did all the configuration, you have to do it again and again because links change, colors change, sizes of portlets change and so on. This post is a suggestion what you could do to get rid of most of this work.
Liferay stores the portlet preferences in an own table called "portletpreferences". This table is also accessible by a LocalServiceUtil and (of course) Dynamic Queries.

So - what you have to do is : Write a portlet that accesses this table and changes strings. Here is an example how these preferences may look. Imagine a portlet that is storing the information "test", "width", "height", "someValue" and "booleanValue":


So, just iterate over all entries in the PortletPreferences table, check the portletId and change the preferenes column. This allows you to change a lot of portlet preferences with a simple click.

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