Liferay 6.1 Features, Part 1 : The App - Store

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So, welcome to a set of posts about the forthcoming Liferay 6.1. Today we will take a look at the Liferay App Store, which is targeted for the release of Liferay 6.1 in Q4 2011.

The source for my post is (again) a Liferay presentation. You can download it here: Click

So, what is the Liferay App Store, how does it work? The App Store works as every other App Store does: Developers  have the possibility to program and submit Apps. They pay a part of their revenue to Liferay and therefore Liferay provides a portal that makes downloading and installing the apps very easy. Liferay also checks the apps for compatibility.


Apps can be developed in two flavours:

Free Apps

If you want to create and distribute free apps (wouldn´t a liferay-blogging app be just great?),all you have to do is to download the App SDK, read the Marketplace Developers Guide and create a Marketplace Profile. That´s all.

Selling Apps

If you want to sell apps (who doesn´t)  you need to buy at least a One - Year subscription to the Liferay Developer Program which costs 99$. By doing so you will get the right to sell your app- 20% of your revenues will go to Liferay. 
If you choose to sell your app, it will be validated by Liferays engineering team for compatibility with an EE release. CE validation is up to you. 

What you don´t get is the EE source code,what may be a little tricky when you want to publish hooks that (for example) extend the Asset Publisher. If you just want to sell portlets, then there will be no additional costs.

App Store

The Liferay App - Store will have all those features that you would expect when you think of iTunes or the Android Marketplace: Ratings, One-Click Buy Following and Smart Suggestions to let you buy even more apps :)

What is an app ?

An app is a typical liferay distributable: a portlet, webs, hooks, themes etc. - everything you can develop with the Liferay IDE is something you might sell. Isn´t that great ?? I can´t wait to get started ...

The Marketplace APIs gives you additional possibilities like In-App-Purchases.

When does it start?

According to the Liferay presentation, Early Q3 will be the time when you get the developer´s guide, Late Q3 allows you to take a sneak peak at the app store and the Launch is targeted for Q4.

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