Liferay 6.1 Features: Required Categories

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I am currently playing with Liferay 6.1 and I am going to report every cool feature I will stumble upon. The first post in this series will be about required categories.

Required categories allow an administrator to define categories for certain asset types (documents, users, comments etc) that HAVE to be set. So it is very easy to extend the user interface liferay provides, say for documents, by a dropdown box that allows to choose the author or the year the manuscript was published. Here is how you use it.

First enter the new categories view in the new control panel:

Add a new vocabulary , give it a name and a description and take a look at the "associated asset types". They allow to link the category to an asset type of your choice. In this case it`s Document Library Document. By selecting an asset, the Vocabulary will only appear on forms for this very special asset. In our case, it won´t be possible to select a color category for a comment or a blog entry.
By deselecting "Allow Multiple Components" we make sure that only ONE category can be selected, by selecting "Required" we make sure that it HAS to be selected.
The next screenshot shows the new Categories section with the selected Color Vocabulary and its enclosed Categories Blue, Green and Red.

If you now add a document, you will see that you have to select a color. In my opinion, this is just great because it will make programmatically changes to the document library less and less possible.

The required categories will speed up development and save you some money. Thumbs up !

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.