Liferay URL Parameter details

Whenever you have used liferay, you surely have seen a URL like this:


In my case it´s a URL that is shown when the portlet is maximized.
In this blog post I want to show you how to interpret those URL parameters so that you have the possibility to construct one on your own.

p_p_id : 

This is the unique ID of your portlet. If you don´t know the ID, you can just maximize it. If you want to have a list of the portlet IDs, the liferay portlet provides, take a look here:


Whenever you perform an action in your portlet and you submit a form, then this is the variable that liferay uses to identify the portlet to update.

p_p_lifecycle :

This was called p_p_action before and determines whether the render() method of your portlet should be executed or a struts action. 0 means render, 1 means execute.

p_p_mode: This just tells the Struts action you executed


This hoolds the state of the portlet, just like you woulkd do if you would click on the "+" and "-" buttons on the top right corner of the portlet.

Maximized: Maximizes the portlet, taking the whole width of the page. No other portlet will be shown.

Minimized: Minimizes the portlet so that it just shows it´s title:

Exclusive: Expands the portlet to thr browsers width and height. No more portal ...

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