How to setup the activity monitoring console for Talend

I started using Talend 5.3 a few days ago and one of the things I´ve spend most of my time with was the activation of the activitiy monitoring console (AMC). Even though there is a lot of configuration out there, there is no clean documentation what to do when you have a clean Talend 5.2 installation.

This is what you have to do to activate and use it:

1) Create database tables
2) Activate it in your Talend Studio
3) Activate it in your Talend Studio AMC perspective
4) Activate it in the Talend Administration Center (TAC)

Create the AMC database tables

The AMC tables are not created by default. They don´t exist and you have to create them manually to use them. You could use files instead but then you can´t use it in your TAC´s dashboard which only works with database tables.

Thankfully, Talend already has a tutorial that shows you how to create the database tables. You just have to know where it is. Here it is :

When you´ve finished this tutorial, you will have three database tables "logcatcher", "statcatcher" and "flowmetercatcher". LogCatcher is responsible for catching Exceptions and Warnings. Use it to build your own logging service for example. StatCatcher contains logging information for the processes you run.
FlowMeterCatcher contains information for specially monitored connections (like database calls).

Activate AMC in your Talend Studio

To activate AMC in your Talend Studio you can either activate it in your project or activate it for one individual jobs only.To activate it for the complete project please click on
File -> Edit project properties -> Job Settings -> Stats & Logs.
Select all checkboxes  so that Logs, Statistics and volemetrics can be catched. Check "In Database" and configure the database connection that you want to use.

After that please check that the AMC is active for the projects that you´re working on. This can be done by activating "Use project settings".

Alternatively you can activate the AMC for several jobs only. Look under "Stas and Logs" in your job view. If you configured AMC in the project it is sufficient to check "Use project settings" here,

After you´ve done that, your Talend Studio is now able to provide monitoring infirmation. What you need to do now is to configure your Talend Studio to visualize this information.

Activate AMC in your Talend Studio AMC perspective

Enter the AMC perspective in your Studio. It doesn´t yet show logging infos and needs to point to the three database tables we´ve created earlier. Please click the following : Fenster -> Benutzervorgaben -> AMC -> Datasource Type

Check "Database" and click on "Add". Give it a name and configure the database so that it accesses the AMC Data.

After that you have your AMC Information visualized in your Talend Studio. This is something that you need to do for every user of the Talend Studio: It is not possible to synchronize it over SVN.

Configuration of the Talend Administrative Console

The Talend Administrative Console (TAC) is able to show just the same data the Talend STudio does. To be able to display it, you need to configure your database connection, first.
Click on Dashboard -> Connections and select "Add".Enter all database connection details , including the database tables.
If this doesn´t yet work, then please check if you have a "localhost" URL under Settings -> Configuration -> Dashboard.  If so, please replace it with your actual server URL or server name.

After doing so, you should now see the AMC in the TAC.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.