New Features of Liferay 6.2 (1): Calendar portlet

As Liferay 6.2 is out now, everyone is starting to give it a test run and you might ask yourself if you should give it a try. That´s what this blog post series is for: To give you a taste of the new Liferay version. We will start with the new Calendar.

The old calendar portlet (6.1 and below) was something that I´ve redone three times for different clients. Everyone wanted to have an outlook-like behaviour, including a nice user interfaces, group management and ressource booking. Now - finally this is possible. Let´s take a look at the features:

The Calendar now looks a lot more modern, has a lightweight new style and provides all the information that you need at a glance. It reminds me a lot of the google mail calendar. On the left you can see the monthly view, your calendar, your site´s calendar and other calendars that you added to your view. You can add more calendars to your view simply by typing into that input text field that you see on the left side:

As you type, you will be presented with a dropdown list of users and ressources matching your input. Ressources, by the way, are those ressources that you normally battle for in medium sized companies: projectors, company cars, meeting rooms etc etc. You can create and manage ressources within the new liferay calendar portlet just like you would do it with microsoft outlook.
Just open the second tab called "ressources" and add them:

The members of your site will now be able to create appointments, add those ressources and have one feature less that they need costy enterprise software for. Let´s take a look at creating a calendar event. The first thing that you will notice, is how easy it is to create events. Just click anywhere in the page where you want the event to start, move down the mouse and you can create an event:

If you dare to click on "Edit", another window will open presenting you all those integrative glory of the Liferay 6.2 Calendar. You can now manage if the event is repeatative or not, you can send out invitations and reminders you can tag it and attach liferay ressources like documents, Blog Entries, Message Board Entries, Web Contents etc.

This opens a huge amount of configuration and collaboration possibilities and I am very excited to dive into the technical aspects of the new calendar portlet! 

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