How to stop a liferay scheduler programmatically

As you know, liferay allows you to create schedulers to do repeatative tasks, like import or synchronization jobs.  If you don´t know that, then you might want to take a look here: Creating Liferay Scheduled Jobs .

Fot those of you who do know that it might be interesting to know how to forcefully stop such a started process programmatically. You never know when you need to stop the process.  This is how you do it :

try {
  scheduledJobs = SchedulerEngineHelperUtil.getScheduledJobs();
  for (SchedulerResponse resp : scheduledJobs) {
    if (resp.getJobName().equalsIgnoreCase(name)) {
      String groupName = resp.getGroupName();
      StorageType storageType = resp.getStorageType();
      _log.info("Unscheduling :" + name);
      SchedulerEngineHelperUtil.unschedule(name, groupName, storageType);
 } catch (SchedulerException e) {

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.