Liferay IDE 2.2 has been released

Those of you who work with liferay every day will like the news that the Liferay IDE has been updated to 2.2.  Features include:

  • Complete AlloyUI integration including type inference for AlloyUI, YUI and jQuery (called tern.java). So for the first time ever you can press SPACE+STRG to get code completion for alloyUI script. You´ll get code assist for all methods and objects, including those for static liferay methods.
  • The same goes for jquery: You will get code assist for jQuery, too.
  • Better CSS Support
  • A lot more of those improvements, including action method completion !
  • Eclipse Assistance to navigate between generated Service classes, Wrappers and JSPs.
  • Faster and rewritten Eclipse Editors
  • Feature to import liferay preferences from workspace to another
  • ... and many many more.

Try it out and visit the official blog post here:

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.