Liferay Multi Tenancy

Liferay offers Multi Tenancy Features using portal instances. You can create several portal instances in your liferay 6.2 control panel by going to

Configuration / Portal Instances .

Click on "Add" and fill out the following form:

A fine (german) menu to add portal instances

WEB-ID is the identification String for this instance. Kind of a unique user generated ID.

Virtual Host is the most important entry. Since liferay doesn´t allow you to switch instances from a dropdown menu this is the URL that will be used to determine which liferay instance to show to you. So if you want your users to access your portal using the URL "http://www.findsite.com" then please enter this URL in the Virtual Host field. Once a user is transferred to your page from your original home page URL he will automatically be transferred to this instance. As far as I know there is no other way to access the other instances without this mechanism.
If you don´t have such a URL ready you need to modify your hosts file.

Maildomain This is used for sending out Emails and logging you in the first time. Example: mymaildomain.com

Max Users: Simply the maximum amount of users in your portal.

So you know how to connect to the server (using your hosts file on your computer) but how do you log in ? The initial login is test@mymaildomain.com / test.