Working With Me


my name is Daniel Breitner, I am from Frankfurt, Germany and I am running this blog since 2010. 

I am a freelancing consultant for 

  • Liferay Programming (Portlets, Hooks, Ext, Webs ...) & Configuration
  • Theming (CSS, Bootstrap)
  • Search Engine Programming and Configuration (SOLR, Lucene, elasticsearch)
  • JSF Development (PrimeFaces, ICEfaces, Richfaces etc)
  • Scripting (AlloyUI, jQuery, AngularJS,JavaScript)
  • Java Application Programming (J2EE, J2SE)
  • Code Reviews
  • Solr configuration and programming
  • Project Management in international teams
  • Requirements Engineering & Business Analysis

If you are from the United States:

I´ve been working with US and canadian entrepreneurs and startups for several years. If you want to work with me or need liferay expertise, then just contact me. I´ll be happy to send you a list of the projects that I´ve participated in.

Wenn Sie aus Deutschland sind

Ich arbeite mit Liferay seit über 7 Jahren in vielen unterschiedlichen Projekten in Deutschland und den USA. Wenn Sie mit mir arbeiten möchten oder einfach nur beratende Unterstützung brauchen, dann kontaktieren Sie mich, bitte.

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